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Now I think that for the most part we have talked a lot about internet piracy through out all of these blogs and articles and that is something that I think I could keep talking about more and more and could never stop actually writing about because I really think that the fact that downloading free music and movies online has become so popular we are going to see some serious issues in the future in terms even more industries in which people now expect to get everything for free because we have let the internet run out of control, which has obviously been really cool but it comes with its pros and cons, and some of these pros and cons are exactly what we are going to be talking about throughout this blog and although this might be the last installment for this list of articles we are going to keep going strong in terms of talking about downloading free music and movies online and how it has affected these industries and some other shit that we are always going to be concerned about.
Now let’s start talking about some of these sites that allow for the free download of music and movies on the internet because when we start to expose these sites we can not only go to them and start downloading whatever we want for free which is pretty cool, but we can also try to see how exactly they function and how awesome they are from a consumer’s perspective and how devastating they are from an artist’s perspective. I think we really need to consider artists because they are doing something that is very important for our entire culture and they are shaping how we think and our culture in general because that is part of the role of all artists.

For the most part artists have been getting paid less and less and this obviously isn’t a cool trend by all means because as Americans we need to take care of our artists make them want to make more art on a regular basis, and the thing is that the record companies who represent so many musical artists are definitely taking the biggest hit of all because they are seeing the entire industry that they have built up for the past few decades crash and burn all around them and that is pretty sad thing too, but for the most part all of the executives in the music industry are a bunch of jerks anyways so they had this coming for them just in terms of karma and of course there still are some ways for record companies to make money but of course only the biggest artists in the world now sell millions of records unlike how it was just about twenty years ago when everyone was collecting albums and other forms of music that they purchased.

Of course times have changed and the internet has been probably one of the biggest aspects of that change, and as long as we continue to go into the future the movie and music industries are going to seriously be in a lot of trouble because there is no telling how they are going to be represented and endorsed when their record companies are going bankrupt because no artists are making any money for them, and that kind of downward slippery slope that has been happening for years now is only getting worse and that means that the record companies are going to need to find new ways to make money like driving for a limo service, but the thing is their entire way of making money was always pretty simple and now that this formula for success doesn’t work at all anymore they are all in a bunch of trouble because they are pretty much all screwed in terms of how they are going to deal with the future of the industry in general.


For the most part I think that people are born decent human beings and then the world corrupts them because as we age we get to know more and more people and we get to know more and more ways of sinning and doing things wrong, and as we age we definitely learn right from wrong and choose the wrong way of doing things a lot of the time. This is also a part of human nature but it is something that I want to discuss in detail because it specifically pertains to the problems that the movie industry is currently facing in terms of people illegally streaming and downloading movies for free without paying for anything, and that of course is hurting a ton of different movies at the box office and is making the entire industry be put in jeopardy because as more and more people watch movies for free the less those movies make and the less likely that big Hollywood studios are going to make movies that they know will eventually be piracy problems online, and that is something that I think every single movie, even the biggest Hollywood blockbusters have to deal with on a regular basis, and it really isn’t fair, but at the same time as a movie watcher who frequently streams movies that are still in theaters for free I really like the idea of being able to watch a brand new movie that just came out to the public for free in the comfort of my own living room.

I think most people who know how to find movies online for free really like this pleasure that they can have, but of course this is the wrong way to go about watching a brand new movie and you should pay the ten dollars at least just to go watch it on the big screen in a movie theater. It’s kind of funny because now that I know exactly how to watch movies for free and everything I sometimes feel like I am donating to the arts when I actually do go see a movie in the theaters and pay for it because I know I could easily get it for free but I am morally trying to do the right thing and it makes me feel good to pay for a movie. This is absolutely absurd, though, because I shouldn’t necessarily feel good about myself for paying to see a movie because it makes me feel like I did the right thing and I know that for the most part a lot of us don’t get it in terms of how horrible this has become for the movie industry as well as the music industry because downloading free music and movies online has become one of the biggest problems in our society today, and it really only seems like it is going to get a lot worse in the future.

So what are we supposed to do about it though? I think a lot of us think that there could be some kind of solution to all of this piracy, and we definitely saw sites like Napster and other music downloading sites get the shit sued out of them by record labels and other people representing the artists of the music industry, these guys are the ones who would rent Lamborghini in Los Angeles rather than renting a moped, but that lawsuit was merely just a scare tactic by the music industry to try to stop the downloading of free music, and now in today’s age there really is no stopping it because the internet has become so massive and unconfined that it doesn’t feel like the containment of the internet is going to be getting any better than it is now in the future unless some serious regulations are set in place and that would just piss everyone off anyways so maybe it won’t ever happen.

The Record Industry

When it comes to the music industry I think a lot of people already know that there is need for a bunch of changes, and I think when it comes to musical artists there definitely needs to be a change from what they normally thought was the best way to make money to a more modern way of making money, and the sad truth is that so many people, like most of the people in the entire world, do not pay for music anymore and the worst part is that they don’t expect to pay for music anymore so the ways in which artists are making money is a lot different than how it was just about twenty years ago when people were still buying CDs. I mean let’s look at the history of the recording industry.

Of course I think that there are definitely still a lot of great ways for musical artists to make money but for the most part we have to consider new options for our musicians because people simply are not interested in downloading or buying albums anymore because they know that they can easily download music for free off the internet and that it wouldn’t even be that hard or difficult to acquire. Now there definitely are substantial piracy laws in the United States and around the world, but the internet is obviously too big and advanced for any policing force to contain and that is something that I think is going to be a big part of how the world evolves into the 21st century.

How exactly are we going to regulate the internet, and the thing is that an effort to do so would cost billions of dollars just to even have a chance at doing any type of significant changes to the ways in which the internet is now, and of course if the government started regulating the internet for free downloads and free music and movies in general then everyone would get really upset because the whole point of the internet is to have free sharing of all information, but of course this has definitely changed all sorts of industries all over the world not just the music industry, but artists especially have taken a huge hit when it comes to how the internet has affected the ways in which they make money, and being an artist myself I don’t see this type of treatment from the normal average day consumer average Joe American being fair towards all of us because obviously artists are trying to get paid for what they do and no matter how creative a business is it still is a business, and that is why when people are downloading music for free off the internet they are legitimately stealing music from artists and that is a crime, and it should be punished.

But the ways to enforce it would be an extreme violation of anyone’s online privacy, but of course I think the way that we are all going in terms of policing the internet might go in that direction and our history and the things that we search and do on the internet might become not only public and recorded for anyone to see as a personal search files of some sort, but also we could be monitored and policed by the very computers and programs that we use to get on the internet, and I think this might actually be one of the only ways that we will ever stop internet privacy, but the thing is that no matter what people do to stop internet piracy a lot of people will find ways to get around it and that is just the nature of the world as we know it today and it is something that we technically should be ashamed of as a society, but of course none of us are because we really enjoy being able to download music and listen to it for free because why wouldn’t we like getting something that typically costs money for free?


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What To Do Online

Now for the most part I think that all of us really like doing things on the internet and a especially a lot of younger people in the United States are really advanced and knowledgeable about what to do online and how to get there, and of course this has lead to a lot of kids getting in trouble for looking up various inappropriate sites and things online that their parents don’t want to them to see, and the thing is that this can just simply be used as a metaphor to the internet as a whole and the music and movie industries and the free downloading of such art forms on the internet by normal every day people and the governments of the world and regulatory agencies of the internet.

Now in order to fully understand this metaphor I should explain that you and me, just every day internet users who are even fully aged and adults living in breathing in the world are the kids looking up inappropriate material on the internet by downloading free music, movies and software through whatever sketchy sites that we are capable of getting our hands onto, and the government of regulatory agencies against internet piracy are the adults in the metaphor that are really disappointed in us but know that there really isn’t anything they can do except maybe try to ban the internet from us completely, and I don’t think even the meanest of parents would get away with that for very long because the kids will just find another way of getting online either by going to a friend’s house, another country, or just sneaking on when ever they want, which could just mean what it means literally in the real world.

So what does all of this mean in terms of the people downloading free music, movies and software on the Internet? Well I think that first and foremost it means that the movie and music industries are in some serious trouble if they can’t figure out ways to stop people from doing this, and that is why they are the upset parents that are really disappointed in all of us for illegally downloading and not paying for their art, which is kind of a mean thing to do but everyone is guilty of it so there is no harm no foul when you are in a large group of everyone else who is going to do things wrong as well, at least from an individual stand point. But for the most part we should all understand that the Internet is a place in which a ton of different types of illegal activity is going to persist and operate without any type of governmental intervention because it literally is pretty much impossible to monitor the internet and all of the crime that is happening on the internet and throughout the web, and because it is so hard authorities are only going to go after some of the worst piracy problems in the world because internet piracy really isn’t the worst problem in the world so it might not be so much a problem for them to want to handle in a serious way, but of course it will happen every now and then but it is not going to make a difference because the internet has definitely won the fight with sites like Spotify and other sites like Pandora or Solar Movies, and I don’t see these sites just going away, but of course media laws and other things like that have made huge impacts on the ways in which we consume media and entertainment, and this is something that a lot of us need to be more concerned about, but of course most of us are just living our lives as plebian stand by audience members of everything so we are just going to sit around and wait to see what happens, but this is something that most of us don’t quite get because it might just be the worst thing that has ever happened to the entertainment industry.

The Facts Matter

The facts of the matter are that there are a ton of people who are always going to be freely downloading music, movies and software off of the internet, and I think there is really no stopping it, but of course there really isn’t much that police or authorities can do to stop it because the internet would have to then be completely regulated, and maybe this is a possibility and there are some ways that we can talk about throughout these articles that might be a good solution to stopping people from freely downloading music, movies and software from the internet, but then of course everyone would get really upset because a lot of people, and when I mean a lot of people I mean the majority of young and middle aged people and pretty much anyone who knows how to navigate the web and use it to their advantage, has been doing things illegally on the internet and getting away with it, so for the most part all of us think that what we do when we are illegally downloading art like music and movies is nothing wrong because we have been doing it for a really long time, and a lot of younger people grew up with this type of society and mentality so they probably think that they aren’t even doing anything wrong. But let’s be honest with ourselves, when it comes down to it we do really like to get music for free, there is absolutely no denying that, and I think that even through sites like YouTube where people aren’t downloading the content onto their computer, but easily could, we will see music being shared because that is kind of the whole nature of YouTube, especially when it comes to music. Now in terms of movies it has been a little bit more difficult for people to just easily download a film, although a lot of sites require a subscription and then you can literally watch just about any film that you want in the entire history of the art form, but of course this is something that is also kind of illegal, and for the most part there isn’t anything stopping anyone from doing this.

It’s kind of funny because now in today’s times when you go and pay to see a movie in the movie theater or maybe download a musical album off of iTunes or even pay for a CD if you still actually do that then it is kind of like donating to the arts like you hear so many people talking about in hippie communities, and I think that when you go into purchasing art like movies and music like this then the whole system of purchasing this type of art forms has completely failed and I don’t see this problem in these industries getting any better anytime soon, and this is definitely a serious problem that everyone is going to face in these industries, and it kind of just is really sad because no one it seems like wants to buy music or movies anymore, and although these industries are definitely the most lucrative industries in the entertainment business there still are a bunch of question marks as to the future of what is going to happen between these fields and how they are going to monitor the internet and the downloading of free music and movies in the future, because even in laws are implemented in one country like the United States against a lot of this type of piracy, which there definitely are but they aren’t enforced that well, then there will just be another country that will loosen their internet laws and then all the people in those countries will be able to share it on their gigantic internet servers. Now let’s say that the internet creates a type of Minority Report system in which they can monitor what type of sites are created and what they are going to do, and if they decide to make it possible or they do in fact illegally download music that their computer shuts down and freaks out and they are fined or arrested. This is absolutely never going to happen, which is pretty much why there is no telling when something like downloading free music movies, and software on the internet is going to stop.

Music Of The World

Alright, so I think everyone in the world likes music and if you don’t like music then something seriously might be wrong with you so you might want to go get that checked out by a doctor. Seriously, if you have a problem with all music then you must be deaf or something because music is one of the most beautiful things the world offers to humans, and it definitely is one of the most interesting forms of art in the universe. Of course films and movies are also even more of an art form including visual video and musical sounds and I think the combination of these two art forms really does make for a masterful piece of art work, and that is why we revere filmmakers so much because it is of course a very interesting art. Yes, I would say that art is one of the best things that the world can offer, but of course in recent years the world has definitely reacted to art in a very different way. Where as back in the past a lot of people would spend money to purchase an album by one of their favorite artists or purchase a VHS, or go to the movies and watch a movie in the theater on the big screen and get the entertainment that way, and the thing is that a lot of people do not feel the need to ever leave their homes anymore to experience the art that they like, and they definitely don’t expect to spend any money on things like this ever again, and that is because of the revolution of the internet. Now of course the internet has brought a lot of great advancements to the world as a whole and definitely has opened the door up for anyone and everyone to become a published artist, but of course now that it is so wide open and free literally, a lot of artists are taking a hit on the amount of money they are making and have had to figure out other ways to make a bunch of money instead of the normal ways that worked so well in the past. Definitely musical artists are still somewhat selling albums and maybe CDs a little bit, but of course people aren’t even listening to music through their cars stereo systems that much anymore and most of the music that I personally listen to comes from sites like Pandora and Spotify, which are free, and they are downloaded on my phone. It’s kind of crazy but it is true that a new era of art and the ways in which artists will make money in the future is definitely changing and I think right now we are still in a transitionary stage in which we don’t quite know what to do next because there is definitely a lot of questions out there about people getting free music, movies and software by downloading it in on the internet.


Of course this is definitely a problem that we have created through our own faults, and the only real way to stop this from happening is to limit the capabilities of the internet, and I think a lot of people have tried to do this type of thing through lawsuits and other things, but of course the most that has happened has not really made an impact because people have still been able to download music for free, and even though the industry got a site like Napster in court that still doesn’t mean that other sites like Napster or YouTube to MP3 sites won’t exist, and it pretty much is inevitable that people will continue to download free music and movies from the internet because they can and there is nothing that can stop them because it is almost impossible to regulate the world wide web because anyone can make a new website these days and then create it to do things illegally, but of course I think that in the future the governments might really start watching and monitoring online traffic and things like that, which sounds extremely creepy and that is because it is. But of course crime will persist online as long as it is allowed, and it doesn’t seem like the day where illegal activity online will be stopped is coming anytime soon.







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